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Program Overview

Creating a new Program is super easy! However, only your Organisation's Administrator can create them for you. 

👨‍🏫 Let's create a Program! 

Step 1: Within the Admin area, go to the 'Program' tab.
Step 2: Click the + NEW PROGRAM to create one.

Step 3: 
Enter the Program Information and click Create Program when done.

Step 4
: Once you have created a Program, Organisation and Project admins can add Projects into that Program to create Roll-Up views of Projects.

Using the short action menu () against the Program you’d like to add Projects to, select ‘Add Project to Program’.

Simply click the Project on the left to add it to a Program, which will move it to the right-hand column. To remove projects from the Program, simply click its title on the right-hand column, which will shift to the left and remove it from the Program. Click Update when done.

Step 5:  View or Edit Users
Using the short action menu () against the Program you’d like to view or edit, select ‘View/Edit Users’ to open the View/Edit User modal. 

In the View/Edit User modal, you'll find a list of users on that Program, with other actions including:

  • Toggle on/off Read Only user permissions; and
  • Toggle on/off Program Admin user permissions. 

    How do I make users read only for a Program?

    Making users Read-Only on a Program is easy!

    Turning on/off Read-Only access is performed by toggling:

    Read-Only Off - User will have normal, standard use and access to all the features and functions of Mastt.
    Read-Only On - User will have access to view all of the data in Mastt, but can perform no adding, editing or deleting of data in any part of the system.

    Note: If a user is Read-Only On for a Program, they will by default be Read Only for all Projects in that Program!

Step 6: Using the short action menu () against the Program you’d like to Invite/Remove users from, select ‘Invite/Remove Users’.

Simply click the names to invite them to the Program, which is indicated by joining the right hand column, and do the other way around to remove.

How to delete a Program

Within the Programs page, select the program that you wish to delete.
Click on the three dots menu and select 'Delete Program'.

​After clicking the Confirm button, this cannot be undone.

At the moment, users cannot delete a Program. To delete a Program, please get in touch with your Mastt Customer Success Manager.