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Artificial Intelligence Assistant & Report Writer

Mastt's AI Assistant & Report Writer uses artificial intelligence to author sections of your dashboards & reports the way you like it. You can also ask it other questions about your data, generating key insights.

Artificial Inteligence Tile

Where to find the AI Report Assistant & Report Writer

You can add the AI Assistant & Report Writer on the dashboard by clicking 'Add Tile' and selecting 'AI Report Writer' under the Artificial Intelligence category.

How to use the Ai Assistant & Report Writer

Once you have added the AI Assistant & Report Writer to your dashboard, select 'Generate' from the three dot menu in the top right of the tile to open the prompt form.


You can enter your prompt in the 'Prompt' field and select the data source. Currently, we working on adding more Data Sources and eventually, all of of your data so you can write reports across multipe areas of your Mastt data.

How to write a good prompt!

Here are some tips on how to write good prompts:

  1. Be Clear and Specific: Clearly state your objective. Specify the type of information or content you need from the model. For example, if you want to generate a report on construction safety, your prompt should explicitly mention that and select the correct data source.

  2. Use Complete Sentences: Write prompts in complete and grammatically correct sentences. This helps the model understand your request better and respond accordingly.

  3. Include Context: Provide relevant context or background information when necessary. If you're writing about a specific construction project, include details like location, size, and purpose.

  4. Ask Open-Ended Questions: Instead of asking yes/no questions, frame your prompts to encourage detailed responses and depth. For example, instead of asking it to just write a report, you can ask, "Can you suggest a better way i can write my report?"

  5. Break Down Complex Requests: If your report requires information on multiple aspects, break down your requests into smaller, more specific questions or prompts. This makes it easier for the model to provide comprehensive answers.

  6. Use Keywords: Include important keywords related to your topic. This helps the model focus on the specific subject matter you want to address.

  7. Experiment and Iterate: Don't hesitate to experiment with different prompts and variations to see which one yields the best results. You may need to refine your prompts through trial and error. 

  8. Review and Edit: After receiving a response from the model, review and edit it as needed to ensure it aligns with your report's requirements and style.

By following these tips, you can enhance your ability to generate high-quality content for reports in the construction industry using ChatGPT. Remember that practice and refinement are key to mastering the art of writing effective prompts.