Group 1654 Mastt has 2 main types of emails we send members of our community:

1. General marketing and announcements
2. Investor & close community announcements

👉 General marketing and announcements

Our email marketing is done using the Mailchimp platform. Mailchimp requires each email to have an unsubscribe link in each email located at the bottom. Using this link will unsubscribe you from Mailchimp marketing emails.

Emails sent via Mailchimp will have a Mailchimp badge at the bottom to identify them.

👉 Investor & close community announcements

These mails are currently sent out manually. If you would like to stop receiving them please reply to the mail. 

In the future these emails are planned to be sent via Mailchimp. When that occurs an unsubscribe link will be available in the footer of the email.