Create, Edit and Delete Forecasts

Group 1650 Take your project planning to new heights with our forecasting guide! Easily predict outcomes, tweak strategies, and stay ahead of the game. Maximize your project's success with clarity and confidence!


In this article you will learn how to:

Creating Forecast

Our forecasting tool enables you to predict project outcomes based on various factors such as budget, resources, and timeline. It helps you anticipate potential challenges and opportunities throughout the project lifecycle To create and add a Forecast, follow these easy steps!


Step 1: Find the Cost Module in the Hamburger Menu (image-png-Mar-20-2024-02-47-22-0877-AM). Then, on the Overall page, either hover over + Add and select + Add Forecast, or click on the Three Dots Menu (...) next to a Budget or the Project and choose Add Forecast.

Tip: You can also add a budget using the Forecasts Register Page.


Step 2: You'll see the Add Variation form, where you can complete the necessary fields.

Label Input
Type Select from the dropdown menu. Read more about Types here!
  • OPEN - An active Forecast that is included on calculations and charts across the Dashboard, Overall and Cash Flow!
  • CLOSED - For record keeping! Doesn't show on calculations and charts - only appears in the Forecast register.
Contract or Budget Choose the Contract or Budget to which the Forecast will be applied.

Pro Tip: If you selected Add Forecast from the Three Dots Menu (...) next to the relevant Contract or Budget on the Overall page, the relevant Contract or Budget will be pre-populated for you.

Forecasts can be added against Budgets and Contracts only. Forecasts can't be added against Contract Schedule Items or Variations.


Step 3: Click Add in the bottom right of the form when you're done. 

Step 4: To view the Forecasts you've created, check out the list of all Forecasts on a project in the Forecast register by clicking on Forecasts in the top menu.

Step 5: View the Forecast on the Overall screen, where you can unravel down to see the Forecast you've created. For more information on how Forecasts affect the Overall screen, check out this article here.  

Step 6: From Forecasts tab, click on the Three Dots Menu (...) beside to which you want to open and click Details. 

Tip: Take a deep dive on the Forecast you've created by visiting the Forecast's Detail View.

Step 7
: Also, definitely check out the Dashboard! When used together, Forecast types provide an accurate display of the Project's or Program's financial composition.

Editing Forecast

Effortlessly modify project details using Mastt's forecast editing feature, ensuring your project remains on schedule and well-organized.

Editing Forecasts and their Type is super easy, follow these easy steps!


Step 1: To edit a forecast, you have a couple of options. You can go to the Forecast Register, click the Three Dots Menu (...) next to the forecast you want to edit, and choose Edit Forecast. Alternatively, from the Overall page, select the three dots next to the forecast you want to edit and click Edit Forecast.

Step 2: Make adjustments. The Edit Forecast form is similar to Add Forecast. Click Update to save changes.

Deleting Forecast

Remove unnecessary details from your project quickly with Mastt's variation deletion feature, keeping things tidy and running smoothly.

Deleting forecasts and their types is straightforward. Follow these simple steps!


Step 1: Navigate to the Forecast Register and locate the forecast you want to delete. Click on the Three Dots Menu (...) next to the forecast and choose Delete Forecast.

Step 2: Once you click Delete Forecast, you'll get a reminder and notification about system rules associated with the forecast you're removing.

WARNING: If you delete a Forecast, it's gone Forever - including all Cash Flow that may have been assigned to it! 



If you need more help, click the link to send a ticket to our support team. We're here and ready to assist you further.