Overview of Mastt & Glossary

New to Mastt? Then start here!

When you first sign in to your Mastt Account, you will land on the "My Projects'" page. You can also navigate to the other tabs including "My Programs" and "My Portfolios" (if you are assigned to any). Better Capital Infrastructure Project, Program and Portfolio Reporting starts here!


A Project in Mastt is the home for your management and administration of contracts for your real-world planning, design, or construction project. Projects on Mastt is where all data is entered.

We have arranged and automated the key processes for best-practice project management, with your data automatically added into your dashboard reports and rolled up to the program. 


A Program is a roll-up or collection of projects. Projects in Mastt are aggregated into one view to give organisations, PMOs, and program managers ultimate visibility into the projects they are responsible for.


A Portfolio is a roll-up or collection of projects and programs. These are amalgamated into a portfolio, allowing portfolio managers to easily view all projects and programs they are responsible for.  

We are currently making changes to our Portfolio functionality, and as a result, it is not accessible for most customers. Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you require access.


The key modules on Mastt include:

You can access the modules using the Hamburger Menu

Below are a few other terms you may come across:

Registers A Register is the term given to a list or record, and is available for Budgets, Budget Adjustments, Contracts, Variations, Risks, and more!
Hamburger Menu  The Hamburger Menu shows the navigation sidebar, allowing you to access the different Modules within Mastt. Some Modules may have been disabled by your Administrators.
Show/Hide Menu  The Show/Hide Menu (sometimes referred to as the 'pizza' button) exposes the right panel, which shows you a list of columns that can be turned on/off.
Three Dots (…) Menu The Three Dots (or Action) button is located adjacent to anything you have created in Mastt. After clicking the Three Dots Button, it will reveal multiple settings and functions for that item, such as 'Edit Description' or 'Add Variation'. 
Detailed View
Need to know more about a particular item? 'Deep Dive' in Mastt by clicking the titles of Budgets, Contracts, Variations, Payments, and more to reveal a Detailed View that provides item-specific information, like Comments, Attachments, and Audit History.
Audit Log
Wondering how to keep track of your team's activity? The Audit Log is your answer. You will find it in the Hamburger Menu and in the Detailed View of Budgets, Contracts, Variations, Payments, and more.