Key Milestones & Milestone Descriptions

Group 1652 Key Milestones

If you are responsible for the governance of one or many projects, you may be familiar with setting schedule templates in Mastt already.

You have the ability to add uneditable milestones to the Schedule Template by making it a Key Milestone. Key Milestones cannot be deleted or have their name changed, allowing the ability to define standard milestones for easier reporting across projects/programs. You can add key milestones from the Admin section of Mastt.


Key milestones are represented with a key icon on the project schedule table and timeline visualisation.


👨‍🏫 Milestone Description

In addition to setting key milestones, you can also set milestone descriptions.

This can help provide extra context to projects using your schedule templates - so you can be sure exactly what the milestone is that has been set in the schedule.

This also means you can keep your milestone names nice and short so your project reporting doesn't look messy and is readable.

As an admin, you can set milestone description text against any milestone when creating or editing your schedule template.

Once a project has applied a template with description text, it will appear when hovering over the (i) indicator on the Edit Form: