Getting started with Mastt

New to Mastt? Follow the self-paced learning path here to become a Mastt Expert!

Group 1643 Welcome to Mastt! We are so excited for you to join us in our mission to simplify capital works project reporting! 

It can be daunting to learn a new piece of software, but we are here to help! Along with all of the information below, you can reach out to our friendly Support Team by submitting a ticket here


Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started
  2. Dashboards and Reporting
  3. Schedule
  4. Cost Module
  5. Risk Module
  6. Program
  7. Defence Specific Features

Getting Started

Once you have got your login details from your manager or from Mastt, follow the guides in the pages below to login and access the projects you have been assigned!

  1. What is Mastt?
  2. Logging in for the first time
  3. How to access your assigned Projects

Dashboards and Reporting

Once you have accessed a Project, you will land on the Dashboard. The Dashboard is customisable, allowing you to build an exportable report that matches your requirements. There is also a ton of data that can be exported from Mastt - follow the links below to learn more!

  1. Custom Dashboards
    1. Cost Tiles Overview
    2. Project Health Overview
    3. Progress Ring Tile: Cost, Time and Earned Value
    4. Map and Logo Tiles
    5. Artificial Intelligence Assistant & Report Writer
  2. What can be exported from Mastt?


The Schedule Module is designed to be a high-level overview of the major milestones in your project. And because it is integrated into the Dashboards and Cost Module, you can show the schedule impact on your Cash Flow and report on your progress easily!

  1. Overview: Project Schedule
  2. Milestone Slip and Gain
  3. Key Milestones & Milestone Descriptions
  4. Project Schedule: Export to Excel

Cost Module

The biggest module within Mastt, the Cost Module captures the financial situation of your project. And because it is integrated into the Dashboard and Risk Module, your regular reports will come together quickly and easily.

Overall Page

  1. Overview of the Overall Page


  1. Budgets & Sub-budgets: Create, Edit and Delete
  2. Transferring or Adjusting Budgets
  3. Budgets: Register and Detailed View
  4. Budgets: Sort, Filter, Hide, Show and Pin Columns
  5. Budgets: Download Excel Report or Export Current View


  1. Contracts: Create, Edit and Delete
  2. Contracts: Register and Detailed View
  3. Contracts: Sort, Filter, Hide, Show, Move & Reset and Pin Columns
  4. Contracts: Download Reports to Excel


  1. Variations: Create, Edit and Delete
  2. Variations: Register and Detailed View
  3. Variations: Sort, Filter, Hide, Show and Pin Columns
  4. Variations: Download Excel, Generate PDF Report & Export Current View


  1. What is a Forecast and Forecast Type?
  2. Forecasts: Create, Edit and Delete
  3. Forecasts: Register and Detailed View
  4. Forecasts: Sort, Filter, Hide, Show and Pin Columns
  5. Forecasts: Download Excel and Export Current View

Cash Flow

  1. Cash Flow Overview
  2. Editing at a Contract or Budget-Level Cash Flow
  3. Cash Flow: Generating Reports & Excel Downloads
  4. Why can't I edit Cash Flow?


  1. Adding, Editing and Deleting Direct Payments & Reimbursable Claims
  2. Payment Groupings
  3. Payments: Sort, Filter, Hide, Show and Pin Columns


Once you have identified the Risks in your Project, enter them into the Risk Module. Not only will it allow all other PMs working on the Project see the identified Risks, it will also send the identified cost impacts through to the Cost Module.

  1. Overview: Risk Module
  2. Integration of Cost with the Risk Module
  3. Risk: Create, Edit and Delete a Risk
  4. Cause: Create, Edit and Delete Cause of a Risk
  5. Consequence: Create, Edit and Delete Consequence
  6. Mitigation: Create, Edit and Delete Mitigation


Program reporting can be a pain, but Mastt makes it easy. All project information will be consolidated at the Program level, enabling Program Managers to efficiently generate reports and create comprehensive dashboards with all the necessary information.

  1. Program Overview
  2. Overview: Program Schedule

Defence Specific Features

If you are working on a Defence project, Mastt has templates and downloads to make your life easy.

  1. DEQMS Payment Statements