Project Health Overview

Group 1648 Mastt's Health & Status Tiles allow you to present a project's current health status and the health trend in an easy-to-read and understandable format. You can set project health across these different categories:

  • Scope
  • Time
  • Cost
  • Risk
  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Cash Flow

Applying Red, Amber and Green indicators across these key Project reporting metrics is a great way to report status and trends to the key decision-makers. 

How to Edit Project Health

You can edit project health on any of the four health tiles.

Step 1: Click the Three Dots Menu () on the top right-hand corner of the tile, and then click Edit Health.


Step 2: A form will then pop up, allowing you to select the Health Category, Health Status (Green, Amber, Red, or N/A), and a rich text edit field to provide context and commentary.

Step 3: After editing a Health Category, make sure to click on the Save button before proceeding to another category or exiting the form. Your changes will not be saved unless you click Save.

Before you switch Health Categories or exit the form, make sure to click the Save button to save any changes you have made! A popup will notify you if there are any unsaved changes, but it's always a good idea to click Save frequently to avoid losing any progress.

Health Rings Tile

The Health Rings Tile offers a quick and easy way to assess the overall health of a project. By clicking on the various rings, users can access additional information and context regarding the project's health status.

Health Compare Tile

The Health Compare Tile shows changes in health between two periods. You can select the different reporting periods and see how project health has changed. Using the Tile Options menu, you can choose which Health Categories you would like to show and if you would like to show Health Commentary:

Health Compare

Health Text Tile

The Health Text Tile shows the rating and commentary for a single selected Health Category. You can select the Health Category through the Tile Options menu:


Health Trend Tile

The Health Trend Tile shows the change in project health over time. As your team updates project health, the trend tile will show those changes. You can choose the period and which Health Categories you would like to view through the Tile Options menu:

Health Trend