Milestone Slip and Gain


Group 1652 Milestone Slip and Gain helps you quickly see how your project/program milestones are performing against the expected completion dates and identify specific milestones that have contributed to project/program delays.

At the start of a project you can set baseline dates for all the milestones in your projects - this is the set of expected completion dates for all of the milestones in your schedule.

As you complete milestones and get updates from your consultants and contractors, you can build up an expectation of when milestones will be delivered. In Mastt, you can use forecast/planned dates to track these expected completion dates.

As things change, Mastt will keep track of any delta between the baseline date and the forecast/planned dates for milestones in the future. 

As milestones are completed, Mastt will also keep track of the delta between actual dates (actual completion) and baseline date.

The delta will be represented as a slip or gain on the project schedule using red and green indicators.

Note: You can also hover over each milestone in order to get more information about the milestone's baseline, forecast/planned, and actual dates.