Contracts: Download Reports to Excel

Mastt allows you to quickly extract the Contracts data in Excel format.

👨‍🏫 Download Excel report in 3 different ways. Follow these easy steps!

👉 Download Excel

This will let you export all the Contracts data including hidden columns.

Step 1: From the ‘Hamburger Menu’ navigate to 'Cost Module'.


Step 2:
 Go to 'Contracts Register' located at the top menu and Click 'Download Excel' to download the contract summary report.

Step 3: Open the downloaded file.

👉 Export Current View

You can also adjust the columns of the titles that you would like to see in the report.
Step 1: Click the 'Adjust Columns'
Step 2: Toggle on/off the column title and check the present columns
Step 3: Click the 'Export Current View' to download an excel report.

Note: This will only export the present data on your Contracts view.
           E.g columns, sorted data etc.
           Learn more here: Contracts: Sort, Filter, Hide, Show and Pin Columns

Open the downloaded file, and you will see the columns or the current view you selected.

👉Download Contract Detailed View in Excel

You can download a Contract detailed view which includes different tabs for Contract, Variations, Forecasts and Payments.

Step 1: From the 'Overall’ page or Contracts Register, click on the ‘title’ of that Contract, to access a Detailed View.

Overall Page
Contracts Register

Step 2: 
Click 'Excel' at the top of the page to download the Contract's excel file.

Step 3: Navigate the different tabs at the bottom of the Excel file.