Custom Dashboards

Our Custom Dashboards are designed to allow you to design and customise multiple dashboards at the Project and Program level, helping you improve your capital program performance with real-time decision making.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started with Custom Dashboards
    1. Creating a Custom Dashboard
  2. Customising your Dashboard
    1. Adding Tiles
    2. Editing Tiles
    3. Moving and Resizing Tiles
    4. Removing Tiles
    5. Saving your Dashboard
  3. Dashboard Settings, Rename Dashboard, or Delete Dashboard
  4. Different Dashboard Views
  5. Downloading a PDF of your Dashboard

Getting Started with Custom Dashboards

Creating a Custom Dashboard

To create a new Custom Dashboard, click the green Create Dashboard button in the top left-hand corner. If a Custom Dashboard hasn't been created within the project or program, you can click the blue Create Recommended Dashboard button in the middle of the screen. This will create a Dashboard with a Mastt-designed Template.

Once you have pressed the green Create Dashboard button, you will be asked to name the Dashboard and what Template you would like to apply to the Dashboard. You can select from one of the Mastt-designed Templates, a Template defined by your Organisation, or Empty if you want to start from scratch.

If you want to create a Dashboard template for your Organisation, contact your Mastt CSM!

Customising your Dashboard

Adding Tiles

You can add multiple tiles to your project or program, building a Dashboard that reflects your unique reporting requirements. To add a tile, click the + Add Tiles button, and the tile selector will appear. Click + Add Tile on the tile you would like to add, and then click on the X button on the top right-hand corner to return to the dashboard. You can even add the same tile multiple times, allowing you to build your Dashboard for your needs.

You can see all the different tiles available at the Project and Program level in our "What Dashboard Tiles are Available?" support article.

Editing Tiles

Hover over the tile you would like to edit and click on the Three Dots on the top right-hand corner of the tile. Then click on Edit, Edit Project-Wide Health, or Tile Options (depending on the tile)

You can then customise the text, add tables or images, and choose what information the tile shows. For example, you can choose which phases the schedule tile displays, you can set the range of the Cash Flow chart, and update the Health of your Project. For more information, we have a support article that goes through all of the tiles we have available - available here.

Moving and Resizing Tiles

Simply drag and drop your chosen tile to the desired location and click the edge of the tile to resize.

Removing Tiles 

To remove a tile, hover over the tile you would like to delete. Click the three dots menu, then select 'Remove Tile'.

Saving your Dashboards

Once you're happy with your dashboard customisation view, don't forget to click Save!

You will then see this warning; click save to continue.


Dashboard Settings, Rename Dashboard, and Delete Dashboard

To change the dashboard settings, rename the dashboard, or delete the dashboard, click the three vertical dots at the top right-hand corner:

Different Dashboard Views

This is located at the right-hand corner of your dashboard.


Drag & Resize:
To move, edit, and resize the tiles on your dashboard. 

To maintain the arrangement of your saved tiles, you have the option to lock them in place and utilise them for presentations. 

Print Preview:
You can print your dashboard across multiple pages and PDF outputs after customising it. 


Reminder: Your dashboard won't save until you press "SAVE".

Downloading a PDF of your Dashboard

After you have clicked Save, you can download your dashboard as a PDF by clicking on the Download button and selecting one of the PDF options. You have 2 options for the PDF - High Quality and Reduced Size - if you have many images or Tiles on your Dashboard, choose Reduced Size (otherwise, the PDF may be very large). 

Tip: Click Print Preview to see how it will appear when downloaded or printed.

If you select Print Preview, it will show a dotted outline around the page margins to help you design and plan your dashboards:

PDF Report Sample: