Forecasts in Register and Detailed View

Group 1650 Accurate forecasts are vital for project success. With Mastt’s Forecasting Register and Detailed View, seize control of your project's financial future, optimize processes, and drive informed decision-making.


Once you have added a Forecast you will then be able to:

View Forecasts on Overall

See the Forecasts you've created in their nested locations on the Overall page by expanding/unraveling rows. Remember, OPEN status shows on the Dashboards, Overall and Cash Flow while CLOSED does not and only shows in the Forecast Register.

View Forecasts in Register

To view the Forecast's you've created, check out the list of all Forecasts on a project in the Forecast register, by clicking on Forecasts in the top menu.

Access Forecasts in Detailed View

For Forecasts, we can access a deep dive of that item using the Detailed Views. Click on the Title of that Forecast, to access a Detailed View of that item. 

Step 1: On the Overall page or in the Forecasts Register, click the Three Dots Menu (...) next to the forecast you want to view. Then, select Details to access a detailed view.

Step 2: In the Detailed View, explore the contract details using the mini tabs. These tabs display information specific to the contract, including Comments and Audit.



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